Company profile

1. Preliminary design consulting

* Building area ground conditions analyzing;
* Diagnostic of existent technical solutions;
* Qualified investigation of specified loads and forcing. Technical construction program preparation.

2. Engineering

* Total soil characteristics determination;
* Floor structural slab calculation and engineering using elastic theory methods in accordance with Russian and international design standards;
* Optimal floor construction selection by means of technical and cost-effectiveness analysis of possible solutions with the use of computer modeling;
* Detailed project elaboration with the use of computer-aided design systems;
* Work execution procedure elaboration including technologydescription, requirements for materials, quality control system andwork safety measures.

3. Concrete floor assembly

On any foundation:
* grade foundation;
* pile field;
* floor structures and mezzanine;
* existent concrete floor.

With different reinforcement types:
* single- or double-layered reinforcement bars and space frames;
* fiber reinforcement;
* hybrid reinforcement.

With different surface types:
* dry-hardened surface;
* grinding finished surface (rubbed compression);
* scored surface;
* application of polymeric coatings and anti-dust impregnations.

With required flatness level:
* «super flatness» surface for high-level stacker crane three-edged operation in the narrow-passage stores according to Russian and international standards (TR34, DIN 15185 and F-min);
* according to surface requirements for free motion zones (Construction norms and regulations SNiP 3.04.01-87, TR 34, DIN 18202).

4.Site preparation and intermediate floor elements assembly

Grade foundation preparation:
* grading and compacting of existent earth foundation;
* multilayer earth foundations and bed courses;
* heat guard and waterproofing;
* reinforcement layer that helps to reduce irregular foundation deformation.

5.Professional floor repair work

* Technical solutions for existent concrete floors restoration; * Reinforcement and repair of joints * Floor flatness restoration according to required tolerances; * Abrasion resistance improvement.