Technical achivements

1. Correspondance to high requirements for surface flatness
 The professional employees of Concrete Engineering as well as application of latest technical solutions provide industrial floor assembly according to the exact flatness tolerances and there is no need to make correction afterwards weather it is polishing or additional layer placing. Industrial floors made by Concrete Engineering correspond to TR34 and DIN 15185 requirements (flatness categories SF, FM1 and FM2+) that give a possibility for high-level stock-cranes effective operation in narrow-passage warehouses.
2. Rapid construction
A group of professional specialists is able to assemble 3000 square meters of floor a day applying modern technologies including double-layer reinforcement which can be seen on several objects. Concrete Engineering at a present time has six groups of specialists and to shorten the terms of assembling we can involve several groups at the same time.
3. Construction free of defects
Special measures to provide quality (preliminary data collection, engineering and technical support) and application of reasonable technical solutions altogether helps us to reduce the risk of typical defects appearing such as cracking, peeling and surface dusting.
4. Mobility
We are able to execute works in any region of Russia or CIS countries. It is possible because of the fact that we have our own modern well-equipped transportable working groups with experienced lead-managers.
5. Fiber concrete application
Concrete Engineering keeps the top position at the Russian market. We are a leader in industrial floor assembly technologies with the application of steel fiber.
Concrete Engineering is fiber concrete floor construction and assembly expert.
We manufacture floors using first class steel fiber (steel sheet cut) and second class fiber (synthetic polypropylene fibers). A certain type is chosen due toengineering conditions. As usual the first class fiber is used when strength condition is necessary because this fiber makes concrete cracking-resistant. It is important under the circumstances of long-term floor operating, weather the floor is founded on ground or on pile field. The second class fiber is applied when it is necessary to increase cracking-resistance of concrete at early stages of concrete setting. Both types of fiber make concrete more durable, plastic and elastic.
6. Special service
We work with various objects of different purpose. And it is necessary to execute some specific work for our customers such as making waterproof and heat- resistant layers, earthwork operations and ground electrical heating.
Concrete Engineering is able to assemble all required bed course elements and provide their correspondence to the project characteristics.
7. Design of high quality
Qualified primary data collection is the base of cost effectiveness and good operational characteristics as well as of floor durability. This can give a guarantee that the main features of planning operation conditions of a certain object would be taken into account as well as building area characteristics. We make our design according to Russian and foreign engineering regulations. We choose the most suitable technical solution using multi-version investigations. Design of the floors is developed with the use of special software. Therefore our constructions correspond to European regulations because of their detailed engineering of various units and sections. Providing design development service for industrial floors Concrete Engineering works with up-to-date materials, for example the steel fiber has been used for many years.
8. Science and educational potential
Concrete Engineering is a member of various international scientific associations (RILEM, CS и ACI). It gives as an opportunity to study progressive up-to-date technical material and experience of leading experts. Making analyzes of regulatory systems helps us to correspond to modern design standards and to use advanced technical solutions for complicated matters. Participating in various conferences dedicated to advanced construction technologies and calculation methods as far as mutual taking opinion of leading Russian research institutes also keeps us informed concerning the latest innovations. All heads of the units and top project managers are highly educated persons in the field of engineering and what is more they raise their professional level constantly and pass additional training.